A recap video of my time in Brazil with GoodTravels, a company founded by three of my friends. 

From their website bio:

GoodTravels was founded on the principle that anyone can be an ambassador of goodwill and a champion for positive impact. We get so much from travel, why not apply that philosophy and give a little back? Our goal is to empower the current generation of travelers to fully embrace their role as changemakers. Travel is a privilege, a luxury, and a gift – there is no doubt about that. However, as the tourism industry continues to boom, and as countless travelers remain unaware of its potential detriment to our planet (carbon emissions from plane rides, displaced locals, chemicals in our oceans, and so on), it is absolutely vital that we do our part in educating others, to ensure that we use travel as a tool for positive impact on our planet, versus negative. Don’t consider yourself a mindful traveler or don’t quite know where to start? That’s where GoodTravels comes in.

Learn more on their website.

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