When I say 2016 was wild, I mean wild. There nothing expected about this year. If this year has taught me anything, it’s that I really should stop trying to predict how my year will play out because I’ve consistently been wrong since 18.

Now why was 2016 so wild? Let me tell you – it started off shaky. I was coming off 2015, which was absolutely brilliant; so I was determined to keep the momentum going. In hindsight, I realized that I was initially pushing myself in the wrong direction. And it was bad. Real bad. But then it got good, real good. Let’s break it down:

TRAVEL: Portland, Hawaii, San Francisco, Germany, Italy, Seattle. Also the #MBbirthdaytour (SF > Europe > Seattle)? Out of control in the best possible way. Couldn’t imagine a better way to turn 27. Bonus? That latter half was done on someone else’s dime or cashed in on my frequent flyer miles aka FREE.

LIFE: I am a homeowner. I honestly don’t know how this happened. What started as a casual thought steamrolled itself into a mortgage. At a ripe old age of 26, I had somehow mucked myself into making an offer on a home and then buying it. Escrow closed at the end of May, renovations in June, and I moved back to Orange County in July. 

CAREER: So I was commuting to LA from OC because of the move, which was not fun. Recruiter contacted me while I was on holiday in August (the #MBbirthdaytour), gave my two weeks in September, and started a new journey in October. Absolutely love my new job, love my team, and love what I do. Each day is a new challenge. It’s spectacular.

I’m officially not going to make any predictions for 2017. For the first time ever, I’m just going to let it roll out. So cheers! 

Photo by Caleb Thal.

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