Shot on an iPhone 5S.

I came up to Seattle to shoot a wedding. It was also the last leg of my birthday tour (SF, Europe, Seattle). When Julie had asked me to shoot her wedding, I actually hasn’t seen her in almost 10 years – granted we’ve kept in contact over social media so it didn’t feel that way.

I normally decline wedding inquiries, but since we’ve known each other since we were teenagers, she became one of my few exceptions (plus it gave me a chance to see the city). 

The wedding itself was held on her in-law’s property; a huge ranch just north of downtown Seattle. And as expected, half my high school graduation class was in attendance. Julie’s wasn’t the only face I hadn’t seen since 17. Out of the woodworks, they came – the people I was surprised to see, the people I was glad to see, and the people I never liked back in high school anyway. 

It was a stark indicator that we really were 27, that a decade had indeed come and gone, and that time wasn’t something we could scoff at in defiance. That somehow I’ve blinked and we’ve all become adults; or perhaps, better at playing house.

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