This is what one of the bathrooms looked like when I first toured the place. It hadn’t been updated since the ‘80’s, which was when it was built. About two years ago, I downsized the cabinet to something smaller and more modern and did the same with the mirror. I had been planning on circling back for more improvements and there was no time like the quarantine to push me to do it.

While browsing Pinterest, I discovered this gorgeous wallpaper from Drop It Modern. While I was absolutely in love with the design, I wasn’t ready to shell out that kind of money for wallpaper. So I thought, maybe I could just draw it myself?

And I’m actually glad I did! The real-life paint job felt way more authentic than a wallpaper and the best part was being able to say it was DIY. I started out with a digital mockup on my iPad to check my dimensions, then used that to pencil in where I was going to paint on the wall. 

I found this great metallic gold paint online. This is an all-purpose paint – you can use it on your walls, on your furniture, on your door handles, etc (I actually ended up using some leftover paint to spruce up a vanity). The paint is a bit opaque, so you do need to use more than one coat. I used two coats on the mural and five coats on my vanity!

But it dries very quickly, so if you make any mistakes – be sure to correct it, fast! The entire process probably took about 4 hours (including the mock-up), but I am so glad I decided to try it myself.

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